Executive SummaryThe purpose of this project

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Executive Summary:
The purpose of this project is to enhance our understanding about Business Ethics and how it is applied in real business life. I based my research on Bank Beirut and Arab Countries "BBAC” where I conducted an interview with the Branch manager who was very helpful giving me the bank's code of ethics and told me about the bank's policies and procedures that should be followed by employees in order to maintain a good ethical image and reputation, this makes the bank trustworthy in clients' minds. As well as he answered my 17 questions about the banks ethics which are discussed in details the interview section. This project summarizes BBAC profile where the bank offers a wide range of banking and financial services and everything related to ethics at BBAC where they place a great importance on the code of ethics, values, principles and procedures, and the ways that the bank are following in order to create an ethical and fair working environment among the staff and clients to meet up the expectations and satisfaction of all their clients encouraging team work, and respecting each other. Discrimination and inequality for business approaches can arrive organizations on the front page of buyer or business-centered distributions, harming the bank's reputation among customers, potential vital accomplices and potential future workers. That's why BBAC treat all their clients and employees with fairness.

BBAC definition:
Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries (BBAC) traces its origins to an alliance forged in 1956 between three prominent investment magnets, the late Toufic Assaf - entrepreneur, industrialist and politician, the late Nashaat Sheikhelard - financier and businessman, and the late Jamal Shehaiber - financier and trader, when the three partners recognized Lebanon’s need for a different kind of banking services and practices. The bank is registered on the Beirut Commercial Registry under number 6196 and on the Lebanese List of Banks as number 28. The first branch opened in Lebanon’s capital Beirut, on Allenby Street at the heart of Beirut City Center. Toufic Assaf was named Chairman and General Manager, and so he remained until 1996. Today, BBAC provides a full range of banking and financial solutions to individuals and corporations through an extensive network of fifty-five ATMs and forty-one branches comprising thirty-eight domestic branches, three international branches, one in Cyprus - Limassol and two in Iraq - Erbil and Baghdad, in addition to a representative office in the United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi.

Why a Code of Ethics?
The Code of Ethics is necessary to provide clear parameters about acceptable principles within which BBAC Bank employees are empowered to make decisions and act. The Code of Ethics acts as an important reference point for current and future policies and is in line with best practice in terms of governance and compliance. What is in the Code of Ethics?

The Code of Ethics defines our values in greater detail and provides structure and guidance for value-based decision making. It is consistent with the laws of the countries in which BBAC Bank operates.

Use of the Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics should be used as an important reference point for employees when they are personally resolving any ethical issue that they may encounter. The Code of Ethics should be used to provide context and input for performance agreements and supporting mechanisms. Our values and ethical principles

-Our values
Our values serve as beacons to guide our actions and decisions. •Serving our customers
•Growing our people
•Delivering to our shareholders
•Being proactive
•Working in teams
•Respecting each other
•Upholding the highest levels of integrity
•Guarding against arrogance
-Our ethical principles
Our ethical principles provide us with more detail about how our values apply in the workplace, including guidance on their application in specific situations....
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