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Restaurant Concept
Paul Lauriello

My concept is for “Jay’s” a NY style Pizza place in Bell Town an urban neighborhood in Downtown Seattle which is right next to the Pike Place Market. I would be located amidst a block that has four bars that are fairly rowdy in the evening. During the day and early evening though the common traffic are office workers, tourists and local residents. . I want the atmosphere to be like the pizza places I grew up with on the boardwalk on the Jersey Shore, When you walk in there is an open line around the ovens with three guys throwing pizza dough and building pies, Behind the front counter will be a selection of about five pizzas available by the slice, and a take no crap employee at the register to take orders and ring you up. To the right and behind the line I want to have small dining room with about eight tables with table service for lunch and dinner till 11pm with a full menu. It offer six signature pizzas, 5 apps, 5 salads, a couple dessert options and a limited beer and wine offerings. There are two primary behind my idea. I want to have what this city doesn’t have, an east coast style pizza place that has the feel, attitude and Pizza that will attract customers because it is authentic. . The actual location I have in mind has a place next store called Shorty’s which is a Coney Island themed pinball place with hot dogs and a full bar . With this locale and choice of neighbor it would be a fun part of downtown for folks to come to get their East Coast fix. The market which is untapped here and has great potential is there is a lot of post bar goers amuck looking for fast yummy food. I will close the dining room at eleven but till three am, I want to serve pizza by the slice, and a selection of other delicious portable snacks To accommodate the guests , there will be a small area in front were you can stand and eat and there will be a few tables outside by the sidewalk to enjoy your food. The only other offerings close by are hot dog cart, and a horrible overpriced 24 hour breakfast place you may see on the Food Network . I really think the combination of the uniqueness, being open after hours and convenient location is want this area needs and desires. I am hoping with this business plan I can span the entire downtown demographic. Mission Statement:

“Our goal at Jays is to serve the customer delicious , value priced New York style Pizza .To provide our employees with a comfortable rewarding environment which encourages giving the best service possible. By providing the best service and best quality product, we can ensure to continue bringing our city a unique dining experience which benefits the community and our shareholders alike “. Our corporate philosophy:

To maintain a healthy competitive business through empowering all levels of our management team to add input and Ideas regarding ways to improve and keep our company up to date in the fast paced restaurant industry. Corporate goals.

Stay dedicated to a commitment to quality, excellence, and continuous improvement in all areas of service To grow our business to multiple locations, while keeping our value and product integrity in mind. To sponsor three charitable events each year if the is at least a 7% growth within the previous year . Market Capabilities

-Paul Lauriello
Based on my knowledge and history of the area in which I’m going to open. There is a strong possibility we can expect to do decent business right off due to the fact that I will be offering product and service that doesn’t exist yet , I will be received with open arms. Down the corner from me is my main competition, a Mexican place called Mamas. They have been there a long time and do a strong business, the food is mediocre, but it is priced accordingly to the area, entrees are about ten bucks, which is what I want to match with my table service dining. . This assures me that...
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