Executive Summary Plan Preperation Form

Topics: Target market, Need, Marketing Pages: 3 (1205 words) Published: May 5, 2015
Justina Massalee
BS471 Executive Summary Plan Preparation Form
November 16, 2014
Company Description: Chloshea Naturals provide natural skin care products. The location is 10232 Apple Dove Court Charlotte NC 28214. We will serve as a LLC Corporation. Statement of Mission: ChloShea Natural mission is to provide healthy skin solutions to consumers who wants to maintain their youth and desires chemical free products to help maintain a healthier lifestyle. Our goal is to make sure that we provide the highest quality products at an affordable price. Stage of Development: We are a company that is a new company that want to grow our business online. We are in the beginning stage and we are just building our customer base. We are already shipping to customers and the body butter has already been created. We are also now trying to perfect the perfect body scrub to start selling in 2015 as well. We have been in business since December 2013 and plan to go full force the first quarter of 2015. Products and Services: As of now, we are selling only whipped natural body butter. In the future, we plan on adding more skin care product our ChloShea Natural product line. Target Market: The age range is customers that are 30 and up. We want to target customers on an income range of $50,000 or greater. People in this income bracket will be able to afford the body butter. We want to target both men and women and women that are parents of children that suffer from eczema. We would like to target the customer that has an occupation that is in the health industry. For example, we would to target pediatrician since they know firsthand that more and more kids suffering from eczema. My point is when kids are diagnosed with eczema they can recommend that parents use body butters. Also, some women pediatricians are mothers too. Also, I would like to target medical doctors too because adults suffer from dry skin too. They can also suggest there patients the benefits of using body...
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