Executive summary

Topics: Coal, Natural gas, Environment Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: April 28, 2015
Executive summary
This report will be reviewing proposed legistration of banning new coal projects. Coal seam gas mining means getting involved in drilling deep inside the earth in order to extract methane held inside the coal seam, methods use to extract the gas such as hydraulic fracturing causes risk to groundwater and other issues. This report will also be discussing about the point of view of government as well as coal and gas industry association position. The government would most probably accept the bill as the coal seam gas extraction is harmful for the environment and there had been strong support from the public on having stricter regulations on coal. according to coal and gas point of view , they are totally against the idea of banning the new coal projects as coal is needed to generate electricity but when the coal is banned it would cause shortage of power , it won’t be able to meet the demand of power for the factories eventually lowers productivity. This report also discusses about key issues which arise due to banning of coal projects such as xenophobia, resources being wasted and security of energy deterioration. Xenophobia occurs as the government doesn’t have sufficient evidence to show that the coal seam gas is harmful to environment. Wastage of resources during the extraction of coal seam gas there is lots of methane’s being wasted. Security of energy deterioration countries such as Australia depend mainly on coal as their energy provider , through banning it would be hard for a large nation like australia to find alternative form of energy in such a short time period . This report also discusses about the implications faced by businesses as well as society. Through this ban, the businesses would be incurring loss as most business in Australia tends to rely on coal as an energy provider. As for the society, they actually support the bill of banning the coal as it’s harmful to the environment. This report also discusses about proposed...
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