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Shoes as we all know is a footwear that used by people to protect their foot. As history tells, shoes have been evolved over thousand years. What started as a practical venture has grown into a varied, booming industry just as concerned with art as it is with functionality. As time passed by, the idealization of shoes differentiate. Fashion dictates that shoes are not only meant to wear but also to project the person’s lifestyle. Though it has basic way to wear, customers are always looking for more exciting and fashionate way of wearing it. And that is why SEW YOUR SHOE COMPANY (SYS) is here. SEW YOUR SHOE (SYS) was founded on June 2012 and operating around the Metro. We offer wide variety of colors and styles and high quality materials used in manufactures. We offer women shoe sizes start from 5 to 11 it includes half size. And as we go around the Philippines, we are introducing our new product designed shoes, the Shaé Shoe. The idea of SYS is to accommodate the wants of shoe lovers and aspiring to be a shoe designer to use different designs of shoes in one package. Changing the upper cover of the shoes suits the style of the user. And we let our customers experience doing their own shoes.

Shaé Shoe package have three designs with one sole. Using the sole, customers may change the upper design to fir their outfit-of-the-day. Customers would decide what set of designs suit their style. Also, it is easy to attach and detached. Shoe lovers, and we the SYS COMPANY, have embraced that quality by offering design options to our consumers. Our makers and producers have designed perfect and suitable shoes for our fashionable ladies out there!

To be the leading footwear company giving BEST quality service product and a high performance footwear by conducting and showing strong relationship, teamwork, integrity and providing customer needs.

Our Company is a trusted company and we encouraging people to well-known our...
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