Executive Summary

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AcuScan, Inc. Case Study

Kelly (Chief Engineer of Product Software) thinks that Chris is jumping the gun and not willing to wait to create a sufficient product, considering that AcuScan is already short of staff, no time to come up with a new product and budget. Kelly is also trying to explain that the company does not have amply time to create new features since when creating new features; everything has to be tested to make sure the product is working right before put into retailers hands. Every product and feature that is created must be planned and tested correctly and only one product needs to be into production, based on previous work from two years go. Kelly’s issue is that, there are not enough programmers the workload analysis. In a nut shell, Kelly would like to be more practical and wait and develop the product and not rush anything, since the company has to find ways reduce the budget by 15% and she does not want to over work the existing employees being that the company is short staffed. Pat (Director of Marketing) thinks the company can work on a budget of 575K, when the Chris (Vice President of Product of Development) talked to Cliff (CEO) said the limit was 400K and Pat thinks it a crunch but does think there can still be a product out by August. So with this issue at hand Chris would like to create a prototype by August so that customers can get a feel of the product. Pat can see the potential of the company’s vision but he would like to look for alternatives such as hiring a outside contracting software but doing this will put the company over its budget. Cliff specifically said it needs to stay at 400K to bring Operation Optimize to life. In a nut shell, Pat wants to create a prototype at least by August but what he fails to realize is the workload being that it is not enough programmers on staff not to mention the new cost contract software. Chris (Vice President of Development) thinks the product (iScanner) can be created and put into monition even with today hard economy, even with the goal of reaching the customers needs in a competitive market. The initial cost of iScann was 575,000 but this was without the contracting software which was an extra 350,000, which was a sufficient increase. Chris’s issue is to reduce the budget by 15% without laying of existing employees and offering early retirement packages. As said before the budget is limited to 400K with the approval of the CEO. Chris knows that this will be a challenge but with the top mangers he feels as if it can be done. Cliff (CEO) agrees with Chris that this production can take place with a budget of 400K. Since recently, there was an employees cut back of 500 workers Cliff depends on Chris and Pat to finds a way for this product to succeed with the new budget in mine and to reduce the budget by 15%. Cliff hired me to help with this new transition with the retail market to make sure this new and exciting products sky rockets off the ground. Argument logical in nature or emotional

Pat and Kelly both want the best for the AcuScan Inc. but Kelly thinks in the lines of being more practically and Pat thinks on the lines of gut instance as it can be done, no matter the cost or how many workers there are. Between the essential e-mails both were agreeing what needed to be done to meet the goals of the company and new that it would be a challenge. Kelly feels that everyone is putting themselves on the line for this project and trying to figure out how it can be accomplished with short staff. At this point, the conversations between e-mails are starting to get more personal and emotionally between the two. Pat wants to make a prototype by August that includes all features and Kelly is saying just pick one feature and go with that and see how the customers react. Since Pat wants this done immediately, he talked to one of Kelly’s programmers to see if it was possible and Kelly was not please with that since she felt that...
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