Executive Summary

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(Indian Council of Agricultural Research)

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Chambaghat, Solan-173 213 (H.P.) India

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Compiled and Edited by : Dr. V.P. Sharma, Senior Scientist Dr. Satish Kumar, Senior Scientist Dr. M.P. Sagar, Senior Scientist

Published by


Dr. R.P. Tewari Director, National Research Centre for Mushroom (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) Chambaghat, Solan - 173 213 (H.P.)

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Mrs. Shailja Verma, Technical Officer (Art & Photography Cell)

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Dr. Shwet Kamal, SRF Dr. M.P. Sagar Mrs. Sunila Thakur, Stenographer (Typing)

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Sh. Deepak Sharma, Computer Operator

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Executive Summary Introduction Organogram Research Achievements 1. Crop Improvement Mushroom genetic resources Genetic Improvement 2. Crop Production Button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus Oyster mushroom, Pleurotus spp. Specialty mushrooms 3. Crop Protection Insects pests and diseases of mushrooms Moulds associated with mushrooms 4. Crop Nutrition and Utilization Medicinal mushrooms Post harvest technology of mushrooms 5. 6. Development of Indigenous machinery Transfer of Technology Indigenous technical knowledge Extension research and programmes Transfer of Technology 7. 8. Mushroom Information Technology Training Courses Organized





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9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Education and Training Awards, Recognitions and Foreign visits AICMIP Centres Publications Approved On- going Research Projects/ Consultancy Committee Meetings Seminars/Symposia/Conferences attended Distinguished Visitors Personnel and Facilities

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NRCM Annual Report 2005-06

The achievements of National Research Centre for Mushroom during 2005-2006 are summarized under various heads. During the year National Mushroom Respository has been enriched by addition of 371 mushroom cultures of which some are new records for India. RAPD markers were used as molecular tools for the molecular characterization of genetic variation induced via meiotic recombination and chromosomal segregation in the mushroom germplasm. Genetic improvement studies on temperate and tropical mushrooms were conducted and some promising single spore isolates in Volvariella volvacea and Agaricus bisporus and few hybrids in Pleurotus florida have been identified. NRCM made a significant achievement in reducing the composting period by preparing button mushroom compost under total indoor condition in seven days time completely bypassing Phase-I condition of composting, with the help of thermophilic fungi. Spent Mushroom Substrate and Coir Pith proved to be the best casing materials and resulted in the highest mushroom yield. Moving ahead towards diversification, the cultivation technology of Flammulina velutipes has been standardized using polypropylene bags as cultivation containers. Efforts were made to increase the yields of F. velutipes and Agrocybe aegerita by supplementing the cultivation substrates with 10 per cent wheat bran which resulted in early spawn run and significantly higher yields of both the mushrooms. Different cultures of Ganoderma lucidum were evaluated for the yield potential and Thai culture was found to give the highest yield. The cultivation of Button, Oyster and Paddy straw mushrooms in low cost bamboo huts with good economic yields were demonstrated to the farmers. A workshop has been established at NRCM with various machineries. The design of semi-automatic compost turner of 5 tonnes/ hour capacity has been finalized and the fabrication is under progress....
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