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To: The Models of the Beauty Pageant
From: Janera A. Glassburn
Date: October 12,2010
Subject: The best facial scrub for under $10


I was recently informed that there was going to be a beauty pageant in our town. Several of the young ladies are complaining about a lack of time to get their skin looking fantastic. I was called upon to find a facial scrub that is less than $10, effective in a three week period, and has little negative effects that go along with it, like drying ones skin out or leaving it just plain oily. I chose to use Proactive original face cleanser, Neutrogena deep cleaning gentle scrub, and Clearasil ultra acne clearing scrub on myself for a week each, to see which scrub would give me the best results, and allow you all to have a wonderful pageant with wonderful skin.

* Proactive Original Face Cleanser
* Neutrogena Deep Cleaning Gentle Scrub
* Clearasil Ultra Acne Clearing Scrub

Using these three criteria I found which cleanser would be best suited for your needs.

These criteria are:

* The cost of the product
* The effectiveness of the product. Or how quickly I noticed a difference in my skin and how long it lasted throughout the day. * The negative aspects of the product, which included drying of the skin and just leaving it oily.

Finally you would want the price of your cleanser to be less than $10, see quick results, long lasting, and not leave your skin dry and flaking or oily I would recommend choosing Clearasil’s Ultra Acne Clearing Scrub for everyday facial cleansing.


Finding the cleanser that works best with your skin is a very important task. I have researched three different types of facial scrubs to ensure you get the most effective product for your money.

The three facial scrubs I researched are:

* Proactive Original Face Cleanser
* Neutrogena Deep Cleaning Gentle Scrub
* Clearasil Ultra Acne Clearing Scrub

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