Executive Summary

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1.0 Executive Summary

Situation Analysis
McDonald’s Corporation offers greater variety and quality choices and delight customers with the food and beverage products they desire from a fast-food restaurant. McDonald’s is convenient and modern making life fun and easy for customers, crew, and mangers. They also offer a range of tastes, sizes, and prices that deliver value to customers. An analysis of the internal and external environment indicates McDonald’s secret of success is its willingness to innovate, even while striving to achieve consistency in the operation of its many outlets and fast service to customers. Their weaknesses domestically are the lack of growth opportunities in the well saturated market. A major concern is the emphasis on healthier eating.

Marketing Objectives
The McDonald’s Corporation marketing objectives are to penetrate the market through product diversification by introducing promotional product lines, and increase gross sales by 20 percent over the next year. •a line of southern-style sandwiches and drinks

a line of gourmet coffee drinks
a line of healthy menu options
Marketing Strategies
To accomplish its market penetration and diversification goals, McDonald’s will focus its marketing activities towards the following strategies: 1. Target Market Strategy: McDonald’s will continue to target its existing consumer markets while diversifying its menu items to expand and penetrate the market fragmentation. •Geographics- McDonald’s will continue to market all of its U.S. promotional menu items at all U.S. locations. •Demographics- we will try to penetrate the market to reach more of the adult consumers with our diversified menu options. This includes the healthy menu options for the health conscious adults. •Behavior- consumers tend to choose McDonald’s for a variety of reasons, from spending family time together over some crispy golden fries, to stopping at the drive-thru on their way to work for a...
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