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Topics: Bedsore, Patient, Hospital Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Executive Summary: A Project for Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction Most of the health care organizations are very much interested in quality improvement activities since they are facing a big competition in the market. Quality improvement activities and the role of nurses in this area are increasing simultaneously. Since nurses are the primary care givers in the hospitals their influence in quality improvement is remarkable. Quality improvement is a formal method to bring the service to the next level with the aim of overall health of the organization (Public Health Foundation, 2012). Here, the author is making an executive summary to the hospital board for the approval of specialized bed which prevents bed sore and provide other safety features for the patients. The safety features include bed exit alarm on fall risk patients, automatic weight scale on the bed, nurse communication and able to help the patient turn from side to side. The hospital acquired sores and falls are the number one expenditure for the hospitals. Since these beds will benefits the patients, hospital as well as the caregivers. This summary will include the purpose of the program, the target population and benefits, cost of the project and the basis upon the program will be evaluated. The Purpose of the Program

The purpose of this program is to improve safety and quality in patients, caregivers and the cost reduction for the hospitals. It is the responsibility for the hospitals and every person who care for the patients is to protect the safety of the patients and the staffs. The manager and the leader play a vital role in this program. The main compliant from the care givers are the back pain from turning the patients. These specialized beds will help to turn side to side, high to low. These beds perform automatic weight check for the patient and make the surface according to the weight of the patients. Another highlight of this bed is we can able to make bed alarms according to the...
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