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11 Executive Resume Blunders
As an executive recruiter, I read a hundred resumes or more every week, and a lot of that time is spent muttering to myself "Are you kidding me?" It's mind-boggling how many of the resumes I receive make some very simple mistakes that put the candidate out of the running before they even got started. A sloppy, incomplete or unprofessional resume represents you as a sloppy, lazy or unprofessional candidate, sort of like showing up to an interview in clothes that are torn, stained and inappropriate. You'd think senior executives would know better but in fact, many of the worst resumes I see are from people from top management. The good  news is that it's easy to have your resume stand out in this sea of mediocrity. Here are some of the ways these bad resumes fall short, and what you can do to avoid the fate of having your resume passed over. 1. Lack of a positioning statement.

Don't make me try to figure out what kind of job you're going after. Tell me what you do and what you want by using a brief positioning statement at the top of your resume. A bold headline that says "CEO/COO with Web 2.0 and Emerging Technology Experience" lets me know exactly what you are, while a long rambling paragraph or table (often ironically titled "short summary of experience") filled with business buzzwords makes you sound old-fashioned and unfocused. Boil it down and position yourself with your expertise from the very first words. 2. The wrong positioning statement.

Of course, if I'm looking for a chief marketing officer from the pharmaceutical world, a headline saying you are a CEO/COO might put you out of the running, even if you had the marketing background. Don't send a resume aimed at being a doctor if the job is for a lawyer. Take the time to customize your presentation for each job. I get resumes all the time that go on and on about their experience in an industry that has nothing to do with the job they've applied for. Why waste your time and...
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