Executive Report : Nestle Case Study

Topics: Social responsibility, Corporate social responsibility, Socially responsible investing Pages: 5 (1480 words) Published: April 2, 2013
The below is the case study report of Nestle company. In order to present this report, the above table of contents will be followed one after the other starting with the introduction to Nestle.

1.Introduction to Nestle.
Nestle is the biggest food and beverage company established in 1866 by Mr Henri Nestle. It has its headquarters in Vevy, Switzerland but operates in Europe, America, Asia and Africa with 281,000 employees. Nestle is known for its milk based products, Ice cream, prepared dishes and its Pharmaceutical products and also known for its big brands such as Nepresso, Kit-Kat, Maggi etc. (Data Monitor, 2013) Group Research

This report has been created from a case study on Nestle, to critically evaluate the corporate responsibilities of Nestle and to ascertain if the style was a success or failure .We all worked in pairs making out our own findings and then coming together to put all the information found. I worked with my partner on finding out what a shared value is, why nestle came up with the concept of creating its shared value, and how Nestle as a company connect with its consumers.

The key area researched was corporate social responsibilities. The evaluation was researched on how Nestle approach to corporate responsibilities good for their business. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) according to Mallen Baker (2004) is about how companies manage the business process to produce an overall positive impact on the society (searched on the 17:01:2013). Holmes and Watts (2000) defines Corporate Social Responsibilities as the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic developments, while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local communities and society at large. For Nestle, its corporate social responsibilities are not imposed but are an important part of Nestlé’s business Strategy and its business operations are guided by this. (Nestle concept of social responsibility, searched 11:01:2013). (http://www.nestle.com)

Nestlé’s first step in showing its corporate responsibilities is by promoting healthy eating and in 140 years of Nestlé’s life, its approach to business has been to create long term relationships for its consumers - the customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the society at large. For Nestle, exercising corporate responsibility:

Is its responsibilities, obligations and duties its business has towards its shareholders. Is when the company is known as a respected and trustworthy company. Has helped to enhance its reputation and built good brand image. (http://www.nestle.com)

2.1 Another key research source in this report is the GDA.
HOW WAS THE FOCUS ON GDA LABELLING GOOD FOR NESTLE IN TERMS OF SATISFYING ITS CONUMER NEEDS? GDA means- GUIDELINE DAILY AMOUNTS. Nestle has played a major part in developing and in the awareness of GDA. Guideline daily amount were developed by the Institute for Grocery distribution (IGD) which is a trade association, from when it created GDA all leading manufacturing companies and retailers took part. GDA came into place to provide details of nutrients that the average person needs to consume each day. According to Food and Drink Federation searched on 17:01:2013, it states that GDAs help make sense of nutrition information provided on food labels. They translate science into consumer friendly information, providing guidelines that help put nutrition information into the context of an overall diet. They are called guidelines because that's exactly what they are – a guide, not a target. For nestle it had to not only satisfy its consumers but also make them aware of the GDA and make them easily understand it, so they understand what they take daily. So it had to look at: The daily nutrition needed for an adult

The percentage of nutrition in the food. (Nestlé in the UK & Ireland Creating Shared Value 2010) Nestle was one of...
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