Executive Project Management

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Executive Project Management & Field Study


Assignment II

Group ETHO 609A

Group Members

1. Belay Gemechu43041507
2. Belay Gezehagen72176717
3. Mekonnen Zewdie72198680
4. Mezgebe Yifru72179449
5. Mulatu Gebre72198672
6. Tezta Ketema72266653
7. Tilahun Tadesse72222700
8. Wondimagegnehu Negera72176652

August, 2011

Table of Contents

Executive summary 3

Chapter 1- Introduction 5

Chapter 2 – General overview of the macro environment and theoretical background7

Chapter 3- initiation of information technology project in the CBE 14

Chapter 4 – strategic positioning of the project within the organization24

Chapter 5- scope, goals and objectives of the IT project management of the CBE 34

Chapter 6 –Recommendations42

Chapter 7- Personal Reflections46

References 69

Annexes 71

Executive Summary

The need of information technology to facilitate the banking operation and assist in decision-making process was recognized by the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia quite early. These days, Information Technology is an enabler which the Bank resort to deliver effective customer services. Technology has moved from being ‘a business enabler’ to ‘a business driver’. The development of Information Technology paves the way for the Bank to deliver services to its esteemed customers at their location and able to perform paperless transactions.

The growing competition and expectations led to increased awareness amongst Banks on the role and importance of technology. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, the leader in the industry, is investing on the superior state-of-the-art technology to meet the threat of competition and to retain its customer. Hence, it can be concluded that the Ethiopian banks should give a further thought to IT as a competitive edge. On the other hand the shielding of the financial sector against Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is not long lasting and will be removed in the near future. One of the conditions for membership to the WTO is opening up the banking sector to foreign investors. Sooner or later when protection is lifted off foreign banks will inevitably join the sector with better technology, experience and capital. Thus, customers will be familiarized with new products and accessibility to banking services will be radically improved. For banks like the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia where banking technology is backward and conventional banking is the business model it will be very difficult to be competent and become successful. The vision of the Bank “to become a world class commercial bank by the year 2025” implies, among other things, a lot of duty is awaiting the bank to be done in years to come. The introduction of modern IT technology is one of the means to achieve this vision. To this end, Program management office is established to carry out the overall management of the IT Projects, product selection, project monitoring, evaluation, testing, product parameterization and customization, project implementation and rollout, risk and change management. The PMO draw IS Strategic Roadmap that indicates the required Information Technology support and realization of the CBE’s vision through time with a clearly defined deliverables subject for periodic revision. In order to gain competitive advantage as a pioneer of new technology, CBE has placed top priority on this huge IT project. The resource allocated both in terms of finance and man power shows this fact. The integrated information system is not something limited only to automating core business processes but consist packages that support ancillary functional unit like human resources management, risk management, human resource information systems...

References: 2. Creating an environment for successful projects in an organization
Graham and Englund (2004) outline seven steps for creating an environment for successful projects as shown below.
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