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Executive Branch

By khailasanchez May 28, 2015 938 Words
Khaila SanchezUnit 2 Essay
Texas Government March 18th, 2015

Texas Executive Branch

In elementary school and middle school I remember learning about the executive, judicial and legislative branch. The three little branches that did important things is all I had picked up from school. I really didn’t pay much attention to it because I was little and young and did not have to pay taxes, worry about tickets and much more big girl adult stuff. When I was in 10th grade I got my first job, working at Birdville Independent School District working maybe 2 weeks in the summer testing pre-k students to get in school. As the new year started my parents told me I had to file my taxes and all these crazy things I didn’t know because I didn’t pay much attention in school. After that talk with my parents that’s when it all hit that the government and how it works and all three branches were very important. Those three little branches helps keep us safe and make the world all-around a better place.

When I looked at our choices of what we could write about I knew this paper would be semi easy. I have enjoyed listening to the PowerPoints and lectures that we’ve gone over the past couple of weeks over the following three branches. The main one I like to talk about and discuss is the executive branch. Why, because they have to make sure all the laws are being fully executed and inforce all laws and policies that aren’t being followed through. Who wouldn’t want to have a job like that? Having to make sure the laws are being followed through with is a pretty big responsibility.

In the executive branch all the power is held in the president’s hands. Not only does he hold majority of the power but he acts as the command in chief. The president is also responsible for making sure that all laws written by congress are enforced and implemented. Now the vice-president also is a part of the executive branch. Incase anything ever where to happen to the president the vice-president is there to step up to the plate and take on the role the president does.

The executive branch is made up of the president, vice president and 15 cabinet level departments. Some cabinet departments that I found would be like education and transportation, state and defense. The power in the executive branch is basically shared among three people. The President of the United States the Vice-President and last but not least the cabinet members. Some examples of what the executive branch does on a day to day basis is like collecting taxes, making sure laws are being properly followed through with and protecting the public from harm. The executive branch has many parts to it. A few examples are, the Office of the President, Office of the Vice-President, Numerous departments and a bunch of agencies that all contribute to the executive branch. The president uses all of these members to help out in the executive branch.

One question I had was how the executive branch was created. Well I researched it and what I found was that it was created by article II of the US Constitution. Article two of the United States Constitution is all about the executive power. Section 1 deals with the president and his term of office. Section 2 is about president becoming commander in chief, nomination of certain officers and much more. Section 3 is about the president communicating with congress and Section 4 is about civil offices forfeited to certain crimes. (Bright Hub Education)

The president plays a large role in making Americas laws. He does not have the power to write bills but he can have someone from congress write it for him and submit it. Our congress is the one who creates the laws and it’s the president’s duty to either approve the laws or decline the laws. Once that is done the Senate and the House of Representatives all come together to approve a bill and then send it to the president for him to approve it. If the President agrees with the law and says it’s great for the American citizens he then signs it and the law goes into effect. And that’s where all these branches come into place. The legislative branch makes the laws, executive branch makes sure that everyone is doing the right thing and the judicial branch oversees everything.

One thing I did not like about coming into this class was that we had to write papers. I hate writing papers because I’m not good at it. So far I think ive learned more by learning the material and then having to write about it just because it gets my mind thinking about everything ive learned. Like I said in the beginning I didn’t pay attention in school about the government and the big role they play or the three branches that help make the laws and pass them. But know that ive been through high school and some part of college I understand it’s a big deal. Without these three branches I don’t think we all could function properly. We need laws and regulations to keep us safe.

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