Execution of Basic Steps with Accuracy While Dancing: Step-by-Step Dance Moves

Topics: Time signature, Musical notation, Waltz Pages: 3 (1430 words) Published: August 25, 2013
* 1. Lesson 2 Basic Steps 2/4 Time Signature 3/4 Time Signature Chapter I Introduction Lesson Objectives Exercise 1.2 * 2. Lesson 2 Lesson Objectives: To execute the basic steps with accuracy while dancing; To enumerate the basic steps in the different dance patterns: 2/4 and 3/4 time signature; and To define each basic steps. * 3. The following basic steps are arranged in alphabetical order. It is divided into two groups, the 2/4 and the 3/4 time signature. You will notice that some basic steps are found on both groups, it is because they can be executed in both time signatures. These steps will be used on the following chapters. Lesson 2 * 4. ABBREVIATIONS USED Ct. – count Cts. – counts L – left R – right 2/4 Time Signature * 5. Basic Steps in 2/4 Time Signature Bleking Step Chasse (slides) Pivot Turn Rocking Step Shuffling Steps Skip Step Step-Hop Step-Swing-Hop Step-Point Step-Swing Touch Step Close Step Lesson 2 Abbreviations * 6. Bleking Step - count 1, 2 to a measure. Place R heel in front and hop on the L foot (ct. 1), with a spring reverse the position of the feet, that is L heel is placed in front (ct. 2). This is taking one count for each movement. Place R heel in front (ct. 1), step R close to L (ct. 2). This is taking two counts for each movement. 2/4 Time Signature * 7. Chasse (slides) - count 1, and 2, and to a measure. Slide R sideward (ct. 1), step L close to R or cut R with the L (ct. and). Two chasse steps or two slides in one measure. 2/4 Time Signature * 8. Pivot Turn - count 1, and 2, and a measure. Step R foot in fourth in front (or a little close to fifth position in front) and bend the R knee slightly (ct. 1), execute a quarter turn right with a push on the ball of the L foot and raise the R foot slightly off the floor (ct. and). Repeat this movement three more times to complete the turn in two measures. This may be done in 2 or more measures. 2/4 Time Signature * 9. Rocking Step - count 1, 2 to a measure. Fall...
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