excretory system

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The Excretory System
The Human Body Systems Series

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Grade Levels: 6-9
(Review for Grades 10-12)
Viewing Time: 17 minutes with video quiz
This video is designed for use in grades 6 - 9 as an introduction to the major ideas and concepts associated with the human excretory system, and for use in grades 10 - 12
as review.
After viewing the video and participating in the accompanying activities, the students will be able to achieve the following objectives:
• Describe the function and workings of the excretory system. • Identify the main parts of the excretory system.
• Identify the way the kidneys filter the blood.
• Define key vocabulary terms associated with the excretory system. SUMMARY OF THE VIDEO
This video describes the functions of the excretory system.
The excretory system is critical to survival. The trillions of living cells in the human body produce metabolic wastes
which must be eliminated from the body. If the wastes
aren’t eliminated, it might lead to death. These wastes include carbon dioxide, urea, water, water vapor, and salts. There are four organs that make up the excretory system:
the lungs, kidneys, liver, and skin.

Before presenting this lesson to your students, we suggest
that you preview the video and review this guide and the
accompanying blackline master activities in order to familiarize yourself with their content. Duplicate any blackline masters you wish to distribute. If
you choose to use the Video Quiz, which immediately follows the video presentation, you may wish to distribute Blackline Master 1, Video Quiz, before showing the video.
Also, plan to pause the tape between questions if students
require more time.
As you review the materials presented in this guide, you
may find it necessary to make some changes, additions, or
deletions to meet the specific needs of your class. We encourage you to do so, for only by tailoring this program to your class will they obtain the maximum instructional benefits afforded by the materials. It is also suggested that the video presentation take place

before the entire group under your supervision. The lesson activities grow out of the context of the video; therefore, the presentation should be a common experience for all students.
Remind the class that there are different systems of the body that work together to keep the body functioning properly.
One of the most important systems is the excretory system
which eliminates wastes from the body.
Present the video. The viewing time is 12 minutes for the
program and about 5 minutes for the Video Quiz.


Most of the follow-up activities for this program are designed for middle school grades. If you use this program with an older audience, you will need to adapt the materials appropriately. Blackline Master 1, Video Quiz, is to be used at the end of

the video program. At the completion of the video, there is
a short quiz. The narrator will read the questions which
are displayed on the screen. Students can use this sheet to
record their answers. Answers to the questions are provided in the Answer Key on page 4 . Blackline Master 2, Vocabulary, is a collection of important vocabulary words from the video. You may want to distribute this sheet before viewing the video so students

can listen for definitions.
Blackline Master 3, The Kidneys, contains a diagram of
the urinary system. At the bottom of the page, there is a
box containing the names of the key components of the kidneys and urinary system. Students are to place the names next to the appropriate lines on the diagram.
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