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The factors which affect student achievements in the exchange program are threefold. Student’s personality, communication skills and financial back up do influence their achievements. First, the personality of the students plays the most important role. In order to study and live abroad, students should be independent, friendly and are good team players. Besides taking care of themselves well, they should have good self-discipline to behave properly and achieve satisfactory academic results. Having lived in R.C. Lee Hall for one and a half year, I learnt to be independent and self- discipline. I can handle most of the things by myself. Studying in a foreign county can help me further to be more independent and train my problem solving skills. Moreover, the students going exchanges should be friendly so that they can adapt to the new environment easily by making new friends. My personality does match this requirement. In hall, I have many friends as I like meeting new friends from different backgrounds and nationality through participating activities and gatherings. I enjoy listening to people about their feeling and thought about different topics. Through going exchange, I can know more people and my horizon can widen. As many courses require doing projects, it is very important to corporate well with others. Good interpersonal skills do help a lot. And I have much experience in team work. I worked very well with my groupmates in the previous projects. Also, being a floor representative, I need to attend meeting to discuss hall matters. I contribute new ideas and listen to different points of views. If I am granted an opportunity to go exchange, I believe I can also work very well in a group. Secondly, the students should have good communication skills. They should be able to communicate well with others and express themselves clearly. Although I know little about French, I can speak fluent English. I always talk with the exchange students in hall with English....
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