Excessive Television Watching Has Negatively Compromised the Effectiveness of the American Educational System

Topics: Education in the United States, Psychology, Education Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: January 21, 2013

Michael Hiller
Advanced Composition
Dr. Patterson
14 October 2012

Excessive television watching has negatively compromised the effectiveness of the American educational system.
In this era that we now live in, television is one of the most popular and greatest inventions. It is safe to say that across the United States, almost 85-90% of Americans have televisions in their homes. Also, 90% and above of the population watch television. Hundreds of television shows make families laugh, cry, think and even learn something new. Watching television has a great effect on people and can be a great and effective learning device if used properly. It's just like water, which is essential for the human body to survive. We need to have water every day to perform properly and for our brains to function right, but if we consume too much water, it can be very harmful to our bodies and can even kill us. Too much of something is not always good. Although television has blessed the American society in many ways, excessive television watching has negatively compromised the effectiveness of the American educational system. Watching television excessively for long periods of time can make one become lazy and pessimistic. It kills the creativity that the American education system eagerly tries to develop in the student's minds. Excessive television watching enforces the students to rely on electronic HILLER 2

devices to critically think, research, and solve problems rather than to exercise the minds to creatively preform. One may say that in the "real world," after one has passed the educational system's requirements, that we won't always have to rely on ourselves to solve problems or come up with answers, but instead one can turn to a device for an answer. In some cases, this can be true, but to be able to use our minds and increase its development is a much greater benefit to have rather than relying on a electronic device. Many students who...
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