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Purpose of the programme
The South African government is committed to continually improve the lives of the people of South Africa, through a transformed Public Service, which is representative, accountable, transparent, efficient, and responsive to the need of all. In light of this, the Public Service will be judged by one criterion, “its effectiveness in delivering services that needs of all South African citizens”. Public Services are not privileges in a civilized and democratic society. They are legitimate expectations. That is why meeting the basic needs of all citizens is one of the five key programs of the Government’s reconstruction and Development Programmes. The purpose of the programme is to equip frontline staff with skills and knowledge that will enable them to contribute towards improving Service Delivery. It will be used to increase the public servants awareness of merits of interacting with users of service in an acceptable manner. It also anticipates instilling the People First concept by making participants aware of ways in which they can improve their customers’ service skills. KEY TO ICONS USED IN THIS DOCUMENT

IconWhat is it used for?Meaning /Symbolism
An activity. There are individual or group activities. Each is specifically indicatedThe triangle is made up of individual smaller triangles. The compilation of smaller triangles symbolizes the building blocks of leaning.

A reflection exercise.The upside down triangle resembles the “going inside “. Where activities were represented by an upright triangle, reflection is presented by an upside down triangle.

Statement of relevanceThe combination of two triangle used in the activities and reflection exercises, indicate that this activity is summative in nature where the learner reflects on the relevance of the learning experienced.

ModuleConsisting of smaller triangles, this icon is used together with the number indicated the separate modules in a course. It consists of combination of upright and upside down triangles.

Service Delivery Improvement Programme
1.Executing authorities shall establish and sustain service delivery improvement programmes for their departments. •Specifying the main service to be provided to the different types of actual and potential customers, as identified by the departments. •Having consultation arrangement with department potential and actual customers. •Specifying mechanisms or strategies to be used to remove barriers to service delivery. •Programme to indicating standard for service delivery.

Containing arrangement for information about department service. •Stipulating a system or mechanisms for complaints.
2.An executing authority shall publish an annual statement of public service commitment. which will set out the department service standard that citizen and customer can expect and which will serve to explain how the department will meet each of the standard Explanation of each point’s Links with Bill of Rights.

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 1996 stipulates that public service administration adhere to a number of principles, including that: •A high standard of ethics be promoted and maintained;

Service be provided impartially, fairly, equitably and without bias; •Resources be utilized efficiently, economically and effectively; •People needs be responded to;
The public be encouraged to participated in policy making; and •The public Service be accountable, transparent and development orientated. It is important to remember that like in any other profession or job there are certain rules that govern the everyday conduct of public servants. The Public Service Code of conduct as contained in the Public Service regulations. These have an impact on how we have to treat our customers in the name of improved...
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