Excel Industries

Topics: Communication, Message, Audience Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Excel Industries
The case “Excel Industries” presents the corporate communication, media relations and the daycare for the children of working parents. As a result, the child care center, operated by Nyloncraft, should be closed to solve the problem, because it brought bad reputation to the company. Corporate communication is one of the main points in this case. The success and discipline in every business and cooperation depends on liquidation misinformation, misunderstandings and rumors. Business leaders must also realize that they will interact and socialize with a very diverse and sophisticated audience because of corporate strategy and tactical implementation of the brand in the market. Those who will manage the actions will have different backgrounds, reading abilities, knowledge of the subject, political opinions and interests. In many ways, a lot of audience reached by radio television, newspapers, magazines and fewer viewers. It may be helpful to think of the audience, which composed of shareholders, customers, suppliers and competitors. Face-to-face interaction will increase effectiveness of the message delivery. As more communication up and down the line at work is done electronically, face-to-face discussion can easily fail by the wayside. While the speed and volume of communication increases with e-mail, voicemail and instant messaging, some of the dialogue and personal touch can start to disappear. Business leaders should understand that they are responsible for their messages that they send, and they must reply for their actions. Business leaders must carefully timing release of each message. Corporate media should never use the news media to communicate with people who expect to hear from them directly. Every person should be treated personally, these messages via television, radio not effective if person expect directly answer from sender. Each message should be separated for separate audiences because every audience...
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