EXCEL Final Project

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The purpose of this project is for you to show mastery of all the concepts you learned doing the excel activity packets and labs. You will also become familiar with the stock market.

I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you review this webpage http://www.investopedia.com/university/stocks/stocks6.asp#axzz2DLoXDqN6

“Stocks Basics: How to read a stock table/ quote.”

This will help you understand what you are reading when you visit the following sites for the information. You can find resources to research your stocks on the Internet at nyse.com, nasdaq.com, stockmaster.com, bloomberg.com, quote.com, dowjones.com, cnnfi.com, bizcharts.com, or fool.com.

Pick five of the following companies for your $25,000 investment portfolio: (Think about the cases you were assigned in the Excel Activity Packet 2. I gave you the information, I didn’t tell you how to make it look, but you still are responsible for using every skill you used in the activities.

1.        Costco Wholesale
10.   Verizon
18.   Coca Cola Co.
2.       Liz Claiborne
11.   ChevronTexaco Corp.
19.   Disney
3.       Microsoft
12.   Wal-Mart
20.   Abercrombie & Fitch
4.       Intel
13.   Target Corp.
21.   American Eagle Outfitters
5.       Gap, Inc.
14.   Skechers, USA
22.   Wet Seal
6.       Guess, Inc.
15.   Nike
23.   Wendy’s
7.       Krispy Kreme
16.   Reebok
24.   Outback Steakhouse
8.       Starbucks
17.   PepsiCo
25.   McDonald’s
9.       Tommy Hilfiger

You are not limited to these companies.  They are suggested to help you choose your FIVE companies.

NOTES*: 25,000 to invest in five companies. That means you might have 5000 for Nike. If Nike price for 1 share is 50, you have 100 shares. ALWAYS use the current date, even if it says November 10th on the site, say “As of November 26th…

Open a workbook in Excel and call it FirstNameLastNameStocks.xls (MichaelJordanStocks.xls)   You will include all assigned spreadsheets in the same workbook. I.
DESIGN a Stock Portfolio worksheet using Excel.
Information for each company:
·         Spreadsheet title: Stock Portfolio
·         Include rows for each of the 9 requirements, and columns for each of the 5 companies.   ·         Merge columns in the rows showing combined figures.  ·         Use formulas to arrive at *numbers.

·         Use borders and shading to organize the information.  ·         Rename the Sheet 1 tab at the bottom of your page--Portfolio.

1. Date of investment

2. Company name

3. Company’s ticker symbol

4. Initial price of one share (The FIRST day you check is the initial price)

5. Number of shares

6. Dollar amount invested*

Information for combined purchases:

7. Total dollar amount invested* (TD)

8. Total number of shares* (TS)

9. Average cost of one share* (TD) divided by (TS)


DESIGN a Stock Quotes worksheet to track your investments Stock quotes information:
·         Title: Stock Quotes & Totals
·         Include columns for date and your 5 companies. ·         Add columns for each company’s current total value. ·         Add a column for the combined total.
·         Rows will increase with added quotes.
·         Use formulas to arrive at *numbers.
·         Use borders and shading.
·         Rename Sheet 2 tab--StockQuotes.

1. Names of each of 5 companies

2. Numbers of shares purchased

3. Dates and closing prices (Look at am=opening or pm=closing)

Stock Totals information:

4. Current total value* for each company

5. Total investment value* for all companies on a given date (TD * Current Price)


COMPLETE a Stock Sales worksheet
Add each company’s final sales information:
·         Create a copy of your Stock Portfolio spreadsheet and move it to the end of your workbook ·         Change the title of the spreadsheet to Stock Sales...
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