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What is a Spreadsheet?
Honestly, when I first started this assignment, I really didn’t know what a spreadsheet was, etc. So I started at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spreadsheet. I read that and got a good base of spreadsheets and the history. First of all, Microsoft Excel is the industry standard in spreadsheets (history on spreadsheets can be accessed at the above website address). With Excel, you can create a shared workbook and place it on a network location where several people can edit, change, and work on the contents of a workbook, I discovered. Therefore, if the people in your work group each handle several projects and need to know the status of each other's projects, the group can use a shared workbook to track the status of the work, make changes, etc. Everyone can then enter the information for their projects in the same workbook from the shared network service.In researching this topic, I found out that you can manage it by removing users from the shared workbook and resolving conflicting changes – and when you initially set up the workbook you can make some features permanent, which cannot be changed by others. When all changes have been incorporated, you can stop sharing the workbook. So, this gives you some control. In Excel: you simply open up your Excel worksheet, click on Review and click on Share Workbook. Then from dialog box you allow changes by more than one user. There’s an advance function on the dialog box that allows you to allow others to see it (for a period of time) and to keep you updated on changes to the Workbook.As for enhancements and graphics, you will need to come up with something attractive – especially when you are sharing a workbook with others, you should put in something visual because you will be judged for that. I found something I liked visually: 3D charts in Excel: Excel 2010 includes several options for enhancing 3-D charts, such as changing the rotation and perspective, and using 3-D options that format the...

References: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spreadsheet
Google drive - https://drive.google.com
Accessed 3/26/2013
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