Exams should be outlawed

Topics: Education, University, Higher education Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: May 4, 2014
In the past few years, examination was important for students to do their best to get in higher education despite getting a scholarship for students to get to the university or fly to overseas to study there and get higher education because there were not many people at that era that comes from rich family. Although it is hard and many consequences for the students, but the students still manage to go through it. But now, exams seem like not important already for students in this era because there are many students that come from rich family and their parents will do anything for their children to study whether it is government’s university or it is private university. Based from the parents that are willing to do anything for their children, they are saying that exams are so hard for their children to go through and the exams has put in more stress in the students and it effects the students mental thinking and the students physical nor weigh in or put out weigh. Exams is also the way for teachers and lecturers to know what kind of students that they are facing of and to make it better it is the easiest way for teachers and lecturers to determine students weakness. That is why exams were held in all around schools in the world but now, some of the teachers and lecturers also says the same as the parents which is to outlawed the exams and replace it with another kind of assessments but this statement of exams should be outlawed is not agreeable.
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