Examples Of Ugliness In The Book Thief

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The Book Thief Essay In times of war things can get ugly fast. War wounds, it scars, it kills, it devastates, and it hurts. The Book Thief written by: Markus Zusak is not just a book about those things, but rather a book about a girl named Liesel Meminger, and her life during WWII. But in Liesel's life, Markus Zusak shows us something else but all the ugliness in WWII, instead he shows us the beauty in times of ugliness in Liesel's life. Some examples of this are, when Hans reads to Liesel after she has nightmares, Liesel reading (using the power of words to calm people down in the bomb shelter, when bombs are dropping, and Liesel reading Mein Kampf with Max in the basement. The reason why Hans, reading to Liesel after she has nightmares, is a great example of beauty in ugliness, is because of the fact that it shows how Hans cares for Liesel after she just moved to 33 Himmel st. By reading to her, trying to get to know her, and make her feel comfortable moving into …show more content…
The reason why this is a great example is because Liesel was taught to read by Hans, when she had nightmares, and she is using her knowledge(power of words) To help the people around her, by calming them down. That is the beauty. On the other hand the ugliness is that bombs are dropping on a peaceful town, where innocent people live, and people have to fend for their lives, by going in basements to protect their neighbors and family. All because of WWII. A great example from the text is on part 7 page 382 and it states, “Out of respect, the adults kept everyone quiet, and Liesel finished chapter one of The Whistler.” This quote shows how Liesel has used reading to calm the people in the bomb shelter and because of that people paid their respects to her. This further more shows the beauty in ugliness, in The Book

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