Examples of Business Letters

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REQUEST MESSAGE – A marketeer is interested in participating in an education fair as an exhibitor. Letter written in FULL block (i.e. every line begins on the left margin) and OPEN punctuation style (i.e. no commas after salutation and complimentary close).

Lexington Singapore
41 Lavender Street
Singapore 4665732

18 February 2012

Ms Janet Wong
Education Fair Coordinator
Singapore Tourism Board
1 Grange Road
Singapore 247729 ‎

Dear Ms Wong

Singapore Education Fair in Mumbai

Background information
I recently saw an advertisement on the June 2012 Singapore Education Fair to be held in Mumbai, on the Singapore Tourism Board’s website. This is an exciting opportunity for educational institutions and I am interested in participating in the fair as an exhibitor. I would be grateful if you could send me an exhibitor’s prospectus. (Direct request)

State the details
The Lexington University’s Singapore campus in Lavender Street is two years old and we have been offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to Singaporeans as well as students from around the region, including India. The Mumbai education fair will provide us with an excellent opportunity to share the top-quality education degree and masters programmes offered at our Singapore campus with prospective students. I am currently planning our 2012 international students marketing campaign and would appreciate any information you could send me. I can be reached at my Singapore office at 62349742.

Action–oriented close

Thank you for your help and I look forward to participating in the Singapore Education Fair in Mumbai, India.

Yours sincerely

Foo Soon Lee

Foo Soon Lee
Marketing Manager
GOOD NEWS MESSAGE – Congratulating a business acquaintance using FULL block format and OPEN punctuation style (no commas after salutation and complimentary close).

Office Depot Incorporated
123 Jalan Pari Panas
Singapore 174652

18 February 2012

Miss Ong Chew Ling
Lambert, Brown & Mint, Inc.
14355 City Building
1 Kallang Basin

Singapore 140978

Dear Miss Ong

Selection of ABS Campaign

State the good news
Congratulations on your firm’s recent selection to design and print media advertisements for the National Association of Business Suppliers (ABS). We learned of your success at our convention last month.

Give Details or Explanations
We have long believed that the success of individual franchises is directly linked to the healthy growth of the industry at large. We can think of no better firm to help our industry achieve wide recognition than Lambert, Brown & Mint.

We admire your success in promoting associations of other industries such as soft drinks, snack foods and recycling. Your “Dream Vision 2010” advertisements for the bottling industry were both inspirational and effective in raising consumer awareness, and we look for similar positive responses to your ABS campaign.

Action–oriented close
Again, accept our warm congratulations. We look forward to seeing the results of the survey you conducted during the convention. We will follow your media campaign with great interest.

Yours sincerely

Tan Choon Seng

Tan Choon Seng

Director, Media Relations

BAD NEWS MESSAGE – Refusing credit for the present but points to the possibility of extending credit later. Written in FULL block format and MIXED punctuation style (semi colon after salutation and comma after complimentary close).

Best Buys Electronics
15 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 012345
Fax: 3497475

Email add: WL@BB_electronics.com.sg

18 February 2012

Ms. Chan Siew Eng
14 Jalan Sentosa
Johore Bahru, GA 15432

Dear Ms. Chan:

Request for Best Buys Credit Card

Neutral opening/buffer
Thank you for your letter of 10 February 2012 requesting for a Best Buy Card. At Best Buys Electronics you enjoy the rewards of purchasing top quality music and electronic equipment at bargain...
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