Example a Level Psychology Experiment

Topics: Null hypothesis, Hypothesis, Scores Pages: 4 (1227 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Aim – to see if there is a positive relationship between having a good memory and being rich in the future

Hypothesis – there will be a significant positive relationship between the scores on a memory test and scored on a test to predict your chance of being a millionaire

Null Hypothesis – there will be no significant relationship between scores on a memory test and scores on a test measuring the chances of becoming a millionaire and any relationship is due to chance

Design – the method of the experiment was a correlational study; this was used in order to see whether there was a relationship between the scores on a memory test and scores on a millionaire test. The experiment used co variables, which were the score on the memory test and score on the millionaire test. Controls – in order ensure the test was reliable the extraneous variables needed to be controlled. Standardised instructions were used as a control to give all participants the same instructions during the experiment, which meant that the experimenter did not affect the communication of the instructions by changing them for each participant which reduces the amount on experimenter bias. A further control that was used was using anonymous data by assigning each participant a number to record that data on a table, rather than using individual’s names. Participants – the target population for the experiment were young people in the Gosport area of each gender. The sampling method was an opportunity sample of 10 students aged 17-18 both males and females (2 males and 8 females) at Bay House Sixth Form from an A Level Psychology class and the researcher was a Psychology teacher at Bay House Sixth Form. Apparatus and Materials – the materials used for the experiment were a list of 34 words created by the researcher that were projected onto the board, paper and pens provided for the participants to record the number of words they remembered, a watch to time the one minute period of...
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