Example Software Justification

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The Justification
KLTC have very strong links with software vendors and the software we are able to offer Sallow is at a reduced market price, we have 10 years experience in the installation sage products to small to medium size enterprises such as Sallow. We are more than able to offer discounted service and maintenance contracts which follow on from projects such as this. This Justification will discuss and reinforce why KLTC would be the best choice for Sallow printing. Timescale

To install and set any permission settings required and customize to your required preferences for each system we have quote for one hour per installation this equates to 3 hours of labour to install the "Sage payroll 50", but we must ensure that the machines are not in use when our team arrives to install. As there are three machines and three licences are required the "Sage account plus" could only offer two licences per purchase this included a discount, so we have quoted for a second but single licence purchase so that the package is available on all three systems. As there will be two copies of the software to hand only 2 labour hours are needed to complete the install and set any permission settings required and customized to your required preferences. We have quoted for 4 hours to train your staff on the operation of these new software packages, 2 hours per software package. Both these software packages contain a vast amount of features and although considered easy to use compared to similar packages on the market. As a result they require just a short but in depth training session to ensure your staffs are competent about using the new software. Price and cost

For three licences of the "Sage payroll 50" package we have found a very completive cost of £350 ex VAT form one of our software vendors. The total cost for three licences equates to £508.08. tThis is made up of one two licence purchase of £338.72 ex VAT and a single licence purchase of £169.36 ex VAT. This is...
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