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X Concept: A Mediterranean Restaurant Concept

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Concept Development
Site Selection
Market Analysis
Competition Analysis
Financial Analysis
License & Approvals
Design, Furnishings & Equipment
Menu Development
Employment of Key Personnel
Selection & Training of Key Personnel

My name is XXXXX and I would like to present to you the idea of starting a distinguished restaurant concept called XXXXX cuisine. XXXXX will bring the taste of true Lebanese food into the core of the Phoenix metro area. XXXXX is designed to create a new cultural atmosphere. A true fashionable Lebanese restaurant, XXXX will be serving fresh Lebanese items all made on the premises from scratch. In addition, this true Lebanese ethnic restaurant will present a healthful fare with a menu that will be creative, carefully designed, and attractive. The ingredients will be interchangeable and foods will come from local and regional suppliers. The emphasis on healthy eating and the preference for organically grown produce will be clearly displayed to the customers and to stakeholders. The menu will revolve around true Lebanese cuisine intertwined with a fine selection of wine, soft and alcoholic beverages. XXXXX will set the mood of a genuine Lebanese culture with its Phoenician décor and refined interior architecture, in addition to its lighting and comfortable seating. The emphasis on the Lebanese culture will be clearly displayed inside the restaurant and it will show the uniqueness of XXXX. Concept Development

What makes the name XXXX Mediterranean restaurant so attractive? The restaurant will offer a style of service mixed between French style and American style (Walker 303-304). In the French style the food is prepared and completed on a “gueridon” and then attractively presented to the guests. While in the American style, the food is prepared and dished into individual plates carried from the kitchen to the guests. Having a mix of the two services is effective since it allows the guests to interact a bit more with the servers and vice versa. Site Selection

XXXX will be less than three miles from the Chandler Fashion Square which includes the luxurious Chandler Fashion Mall. The location is strategic since it will be 10 miles from the Arizona State University Stadium, 12 miles from Golf Land/Sun splash, and 15 miles from the Desert Botanical Museum and Old Town Scottsdale. This location, tentatively aimed at being built in 2007, will be primarily used as a major shopping center and for retail purposes according to the brokerage company DeRito. The property is surrounded by high-density housing, offices, and high-tech employment. There is a substantial frontage on both arterials, and a ramp onto the Loop 202, Santan Freeway located one mile to the south, which makes this site easily accessible (“DeRito Partners, Inc”). As a result of the numerous advantages that this geographic location presents, I cannot but reaffirm that this particular site would turn out to be successful for Blazing Breeze’s future operations. Market Analysis

One important step in the market analysis is to determine the target market. My target market will consist primarily of a local middle-aged medium to high income population. The Second target will comprise families of medium income. Third, the Middle Eastern population located in the Phoenix Metro. Fourth, corporate groups that are normally not sensitive to price. My national target market will encompass a population of corporate groups especially with all the high-tech industries in the area that were mentioned earlier. A second national target market would be an upper scale population of tourists who are also not sensitive to...

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