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Topics: Family, Quantitative research, Qualitative research Pages: 7 (2397 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Name:Freddy Benjamin Among
Matric No:30245
Assignment :Research Proposal
Title :When negotiation in family fails, does it have to end with wars? SSF2014 : Social Sciences Research Methods
Lecturer: Dr. Peter Karubu Nwanesi
When negotiation in family fails, does it have to end with wars? Section 1
1.0 Introduction
Negotiation occurs every day in life and it happens between two person or more. Let us take it to a simpler situation, in our daily life we live in the surroundings of our family. Negotiation occurs within family members, that is between a father and mother, father and children, mother and children, and also among the children itself. When people negotiate, it will ends with a decision that both sides will agree or argue. If things settle down with both sides agree, then the negotiation succeed. But what happens if it ends with an argument? A cold war or a real fight between the negotiators could be started. 1.1 Background

My research will be focusing on how to overcome the problem that comes out if the negotiation within family members failed. Actually, there are differences for negotiation that happens in family and for negotiation that happens between non-family (businessman, working collogue, and etc.). Within family members, strong bonds keep them together because they came from the same ‘blood’ except for the mother or father because they came from different family and married till they have their own children and form a new family. Negotiation is not easy within family because emotion acts as one of the factor that will influenced their decision, judgment, or thinking. Differ with non- family negotiation that usually will only stand for their benefit and does not really care about the other side. Thus, it is very complicated when a war happens in a family. They might hate each other but because the bonds that they have, they still have the feeling of need to fix the issue that rise between for the sake of their bond. 1.2 Statement of problem

When negotiation between any family members failed, does it have to end with war/ fight between them (the two parties who negotiate with each other)? As an example, a negotiation happens between husband and wife. They argued about both have been working too much and it turns out their children is being left out. Thus they decided to discuss who should quit from job and take care of the child. In this situation, a lot of things need to be considered and this part shows how the process of negotiation starts between them. After a while, negotiation between them fails and they started to blame each other. The problem rises from here. This is where I will be looking for the ways to overcome the war that happen after a fail negotiation. In the mean times, I will also be looking for the pros and cons of the war to the family members. 1.3 Research question

1) Why does the negotiation fails?
2) What are the outcomes of the war/ fight? Does it bring benefits? 3) How to overcome the problems that comes after the negotiation fails? 1.4 Research objective
1) To study ways to overcome problem that exist after negotiation within a family members fail. 2) To determine what are the pros and cons to the family relationship after the war ends. 1.5 Significant of the study

The aims of this research are to improve public understanding about the appropriate ways to negotiate within family members. We have seen members of family in our society fought with each other and it actually drag along to humiliate the family dignity. Many would say that the family is not dedicated because such fight could happen between them. Thus, this also aims to bring awareness to families that negotiating skills are important so that a fight would not occur.

Section 2
2.0 Literature Review
In this part I will be viewing about what has been done by other scholars regarding my topic. I will put my opinion on their work and relate it to my research. In...

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