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The Glory After

Seattle, WA -- August 9, 2006 -- The band The Glory After's highly anticipated self –titled debut LP hit the shelves of all major retail stores today. The band has released several EP's prior to this LP and has garnered quite a fan base. After several months of recording, fans are rewarded today with an effort best labeled as innovative and intellectual; the album containing the hit single "Waiting to Breathe," is an 82 minute masterpiece.

The album is a mix of emotionally charged lyrics with smooth bass lines booming under fast guitar breakdowns and driving percussion. The music in itself is edgy and alternative while captivating the listener with catchy choruses that contain insightful lyrics. The release marks the beginning of an era in music; with this album The Glory After establishes itself as a force to be reckoned with in music today. The Glory After is already being compared to the likes of The Beatles and Nirvana in terms of their impact on music as a whole.

The album has received rave reviews from everyone that has listened to it, "The Glory After is an explosive break from the mold that has become alternative music today. They blend together so many different elements of music that you can't even really label them in any specific genre. Anyone who enjoys music can enjoy this album," claims R.J. Schyler, Music Editor of Spinning Rock. "To say that The Glory After is innovative is an understatement. The name of the band implies a college punk band; though what they've done is simply turn the music world upside down beginning with their controversial, yet attention grabbing name. They bring a unique sound and lyrics that can touch anyone," stated Chris McMullen of MHDTV Press.

The 6 piece band hailing from Duluth, Georgia formed in early 2003 and started playing local shows. In 2004 they released their first album and quickly became one of the most popular bands in the New England area. The...
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