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John Therry Catholic High School
Assessment Task Outline

Creative Arts: HSC Drama 2013
Area of Study: Contemporary Australian Drama

Task Outline
Part A) Students are to present a group performance blending two scenes from the texts set for study (Stolen and Ruby Moon). A journal is to be submitted to accompany the performance Part B) A 1200 word essay answering the following question is to be submitted

Notification Date: Week 1A Term 1 – Friday 1st February 2013 Date Due: Week 6B Term 1 - Wednesday 6th March 2013

Outcomes to be Assessed
The student:
H1.1: Uses acting skills to adopt and sustain a variety of characters and roles H1.2: Uses performance skills to interpret and perform scripted and other material H1.3: Uses knowledge and experience of dramatic and theatrical forms, styles and theories to inform and enhance individual and group devised works H1.4 Collaborates effectively to produce a group-devised performance Performing

H2.1: Demonstrates effective performance skills
H2.2: Uses dramatic and theatrical elements effectively to engage an audience Appreciating
H3.1: Critically applies understanding of the cultural, historical and political contexts that have influenced specific drama and theatre practitioners, styles and movements H3.2 Analyses, synthesises and organises knowledge, information and opinion in coherent, informed oral and written responses H3.4 Appreciates and values drama and theatre as significant cultural expressions of issues and concerns in Australian and other societies __________________________________________________________________________________ In this task you will be assessed on:

The group performance and the workshop process
The group interpretation of script extracts
Evaluations of performances and workshops
Application, analysis and synthesis and interpretation of research •Journal entries aspects of the texts
Organisation of ideas and opinions to argue a specific case •Written response in the correct essay format (Including practical examples and analysis of the playwrights work), including grammar and spelling •Referencing according to John Therry Guidelines

In this task you will be assessed on your ability to:
1: Demonstrate and understanding of the theories and practice of the practitioners selected for study 2: Complete all practical and written activities
3: Understand the importance of the actor-audience relationship

Task Details

What do I do?
Part A
1: In your group select scene/s from Ruby Moon and Stolen.
2: You must present the scenes as a complete performance piece that link them together based on a common symbol, character or theme 3: A prologue and linking dialogue may be added, where necessary, to put the two texts together in context for a complete performance piece 4: The performance duration is to be 8 – 12 minutes

5: Although the performance is presented as a group you will be marked individually. 6: Submit a journal that outlines the processes you went through to complete the task ___________________________________________________________________________

Part B
6: There is a 1000 Word essay that MUST be submitted answering the following question

How does Australian drama and theatre stage a range of the different individual experiences found in Australian society?

In your answer, refer to the dramatic forms, performance styles, techniques and conventions of Australian Drama and Theatre and in particular to your study and experience of TWO texts.

Marking Criteria

Assessment Criterion 1: Performance skills appropriate to the style or form (10 marks) The assessment of this criterion focuses on the following
aspects as appropriate
– Vocal Dynamics: projection, clarity, tone, pitch, pace
– Movement Dynamics: control, energy, spatial awareness
– Timing: control of delivery, responses to cues, awareness of rhythms

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