Example of a Debate Speech

Topics: Education, Leader of the Opposition, School Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Thank you Madam Speaker. A very good morning I would like to wish to the honourable adjudicators, precise timekeepers, fellow members of the government, members of the opposition and members of the floor. We are gathered here today to debate on a very important motion that is THBT physically challenged people should not be seperated in schools. And, we, the government strongly back this motion. To address this motion, please allow me to start off by specifying my role and the role of my fellow members of the government. I, as the Prime Minister, have the main task in hand in which I have to state the motion, which I have already done earlier. Next, I will highlight some of the keywords and define the motion of today’s debate. Following this, I will present the first point of the government in order to support our stand. The role of my deputy here is to rebut the points given by the opposition leader and he will go on to present two additional new points that will further support the government’s stand. Finally, the third speaker of the government has the task as the whip of the government to rebut all the points given and put forward by the opposition. Now, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to point out some keywords that we the government, find to of the government, in order to support our stand.

The government defines ‘physically challenged’ as any form of impairment that limits the mobility and function of the body. we also define ‘people’ as students, staff and teachers in a school. we also define ‘school’ as an institution for educating students. we the government, agree that physically challenged people should not be seperated in schools on the grounds that it isn’t up to us to deny their rights to mainstream education to be part of the school community. ladies and gentlemen, allow me to move on to the governments first point of the day. that is physically challenged people can be part of the society by having self motivation. by sharing the same...
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