Example of Team Conflict

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Examples of Team Conflict and Outcomes

Below are two examples of team who experienced conflict and worked through the problem. (The team and individual names have been changed.)

Team #1 was formed early in October and was enthusiastic in participating in Global Challenge. However, in March, we received the following email:

Dear Sally,

Susie Smith has formally decided to drop out of Global Challenge. It was explained to me, by her, that she wasn't fully aware of how much work this would all be when she signed up, and that she has gotten in over her head. I had noticed that from about two months in, her enthusiasm began to wane progressively. She no longer seemed to care, but I was hoping that she still did. She had been promising to do work that she had set for herself and nothing had come about it. I ask that I be able to drop Susie as a teammate and substitute another teammate in. I know it is really far into the process, but I have done so much work to lose it all now. I hope we can work this out.

This is only another bump in the road to the finish.

Thank you,
Johnny Smith

We responded:


I am sorry to hear that. But I understand. You have 2 choices. You certainly can substitute a new teammate. But if that is too hard on theteam, it is ok with me if you and your international teammates continue as a team of 3. It will be important that you address this in section 7.0 Key Personnel of your business plan. But I think this is an important part of the learning process. And you have done so much work so far, that I know you can finish. So communicate with your teammates and let me know what you decide.

Your team is still is great shape. Keep working. I know you can do it!


Team #1 did complete the challenge and wrote about this experience in section 7.0 of the business plan:

Key Personnel

Before this section begins the writers of the...
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