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Topics: Leadership, Sociology, Social group Pages: 2 (1497 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Amy Elliott, a former writer commonly known by the stage name of “Amazing Amy”, met and then married Nick Dunne, also a writer from a men’s magazine. After quite some time, Amy then found out that Nick had a mistress named Andie who was also his student in a college, after being fired from his job as a writer and then being hired as a teacher, which in turn gave Amy the reason to exact revenge that would convict her husband of Amy’s murder. Having laid-out her plan, she escaped to a secluded place with big wads of money however, with her neighbors knowing this fact which in turn resulted to her neighbors robbing her of her own money, she fled for help to her ex-boyfriend, Desi Collings, but after seeing the interview of her husband, and with her husband saying that he still loves her, she then thought about murdering Desi with the motive to come back to her husband. After completing her plan regarding Desi; she then went back to Nick, told him the truth, and confessed to him that she was, in fact, pregnant which then forced Nick to live with her but only because of the unborn child. Part II – KEY CHARACTERS

Amy Elliott-Dunne – wife of Nick Dunne
Nick Dunne – husband of Amy Elliott-Dunne
Detective Rhonda Boney – detective of the Dunne’s case
Tanner Bolt – lawyer of Nick Dunne
Margo Dunne – twin sister of Nick Dunne
Desi Collings – ex-boyfriend/friend of Amy Elliott-Dunne


1.) Explain how the film portrays the following by citing specific examples. a. Socialization and the particular effects of unique individual experiences on the development of a person. - By the time Amy knew about the dishonesty of her husband, she constructed a plan to get revenge for her husband. She made their house look like it was robbed and that there was foul play done during the crime furthermore, by the time her husband came home, she was already missing which, in reality, was that she was...
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