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Statement of Purpose

I am honored to apply for the Master of Strategic Marketing Management program at Coventry University because I believe this program will help me to fulfill my dream of pursuing my future career in marketing. Since I was graduated from the Assumption University, I had realized that I would like to work in marketing field because it matches my personality and interest. Working in marketing related field nowadays, people needs to come up with inventive ideas and strategies in order to be competitive and outstanding. I think Coventry University is the decent institute that I could obtain such knowledge and degree that important for my future.

My name is Anna Morgan. I was born in Thailand in 1984. Through out the years, I have always been living with my family. I considered myself as a lucky one to have parents who always support me on my education. My Parent has started doing the family business since I was young. Our business had started from a small factory producing the spare parts for the car braking system including brake kits hardware and backing plates. In the past few years, our factory became more growth. In order to satisfy the customers’ requirements and stay in nowadays’ competitive business environment, being knowledgeable in marketing could put one in a strong position. All in all, my interesting in marketing could help me run the family business in marketing section which seems to be the heart of management.

During my years at Assumption University I begin to realize that running the business is not as easy as I thought since there are many risks you must handle and also competitors which come in the world’s market everyday. While I was studying, I used to do many research projects. One of the hardest and most interesting projects is analyzing new strategies for the well known company in Thailand as a case study. The purposes are to be competitive in the world’s market and also to increase their sales volume. At...
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