Example of Site Analysis (Arc Design Tec 1st Yr)

Topics: Road, Wind, Wolverhampton Pages: 4 (640 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Site Analysis
Factors/conditionObservationsEffect on planning
Site The site is approximately 2,700 square metres. The topography
of the site falls from the east to the west across the site. The
front (south side) of the site contains floor brick for footpath.
The site surrounded by range of buildings. There are no building
structure on the site. At present, there is open public access to
the site is accessible from North side. (Refer to appendix 1)

SoilsThe soil is well compacted however, there are small treesGround bearing is good, the depth of the foundation will depend on the loading.
in the building land. Also there are two slopes.They will need to be a path for the entrance.

Sub-soilsSub-soil is clay soil.Good ground bearing for the foundations.

Lower strata/miningRock mining is 50 m down. Good ground bearing for the foundations

Levels and contoursThe site is not level, it has two slopes. (Refer to appendix 6)The two slopes will need to be relatively aligned level, but no excessive changes.

Prevailing wind The wind is prevailing from North. Change is not needed, as its not likely to cause turbulence.

Made up groundAfter the tress have been removed, filling is needed. TheBasement works requires extra work because of the slopes and the root of the trees.
two slopes will need to be levelled also.

Factors/conditionObservationsEffect on planning
Wells and sumpsNil

Water tableVery low water table . also the site level is very high. (Refer to appendix 2)No foundation problem.

Tree preservationThere are few trees however they are not preserved. (Refer to appendix 3)

Urban topography Mixed high and low rise.

Rights of lightsThe structure of the...
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