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Example of Personal Essay

By YennyP Jan 01, 2011 254 Words
When I was small, like every child I had a dream, well more like many dreams. Like every little girl I either fantasized about becoming something like a princess or big star. As I grew up ,I began to realize that life isn’t a fantasy and that I have to answer my true calling and eventually led to discovering my real passion ,which is English. Like any kid going to school, they have to learn English, most dreaded the idea of learning the subject but to me it was something that made me explore all the techniques of the English and the way writers use so many methods of writing to express what they feel through writing. When I began high school, I became more afraid because I knew I was entering in to a new world that will shape me to become the person I want to be as an adult. I knew that I was going to have many challenges in school due to my disability (ADHD) , But I felt that being in my English class , I never felt like I would fail. My English class helped me and challenged me to decide what I truly felt was my calling. As I progressed in High school , I became more in tuned with my writing and the teachers would express how much they enjoyed my writing , this made me feel even more positive and gave me even the more confidence to continue. After all the years that I struggled in middle school

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