Example of Contrast Essay - Acids and Bases

Topics: Acid, PH, Hydrogen ion Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Acids vs Bases
In chemistry, when some elements are mixed, the compounds that are formed can be classified depending on its characteristics, just like acids and bases. Acids are defined as compounds that donate a hydrogen ion, H+, to another compound. Bases are the chemical opposite of acids. They both are different in many ways. One way in which acids and bases differ is the pH and the pOH. The pH is a number used to denote the hydrogen-ion concentration, or the acidity, of a solution. In the other hand, the pOH is a number used to denote the hydroxide-ion concentration of a solution. Also, the change in color of the litmus paper it’s different when it’s in contact with each of them. The litmus is a coloring material extracted from lichens that change in color when it’s in contact with an acid or a base. The litmus paper turns red in acid solution and blue in a basic solution. They both have different physical properties. Acids are sour in taste and can burn or destroy substances they come in contact with. They leave a stinging effect on mucous membranes. In contrast, bases taste bitter and have a soapy or slippery texture. In conclusion, acids and bases differ in many things. Acids are denoted by the pH number and bases by the pOH number. They also change the color of the litmus paper, the acids turn it into red and bases turn it into blue. And the physical properties of both are also different.
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