Example of Competency Goal 1

Topics: Child, Rooms, Hygiene Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Competency Goal 1
To Establish and maintain a safe, healthy, learning environment

Functional Area 1: Safe
To reduce injury I always use the saying if you can predict something might happen then prevent it before. Children do not understand that there are dangers all around them, whether its the toys they play with, other kids and their belonging or the equipment that they play on. The important goals that I have are always to put the children's safety, happiness and their needs first. The best way for me to follow through on this is to make sure I keep close supervision on all children at all times. I do a complete check of the area where children are to be playing every day before children come into my room. This means that I check everything that may come in contact with any child so that I know my room doesn't have any dangers. This involves making sure that no toys are broken, any chemicals are stored properly, the room is clean and sanitary at all times, children aren't sharing personal items, and that the children's toys are age appropriate. I also do a complete check of the outside area where children play. This includes sweeping up any rocks that have fallen on the pavement before and while children play so they wont slip when running around, making sure that the kids don't climb the fence and that the gate to the fence gets closed after each use, making sure the storage container for the outside toys is properly supervised when a child wants to get a toy form inside it, and I also male sure all children are doing constructive activities.

Functional Area 2: Healthy
To prevent the spread of germs I make sure that my room is always sanitary. Children are not very self aware of what causes others to get sick whether its by someone else or by objects they play with. So any child that presents himself as being sick I give a little more supervision to so that the other children don't get sick. This includes making sure that noses get wiped and hands...
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