Example Of A Trisha Narrative Essay

Topics: High school, Middle school / Pages: 5 (1001 words) / Published: Dec 7th, 2016
2 hours later me, and my mother walked out the room. Nothing moved, it was almost as if we were stuck in a movie, I couldn’t believe this was real. I saw my father's dead body lying lonely, and silent in our front hallway. All I could think to myself was this wasn’t real, it can’t be happening, not to me.
The mysterious man wasn’t there, just my father, just my dead, loving father. My mother started to cry, tears running down her face like a little river running through a peaceful backyard, except we didn’t have peace in our lives, at least not anymore.
My mother ran down to my father, cradling his motionless head one last time before changing our names, and moving to San Francisco.
When that man came through that door I only got a glimpse of his face for a millisecond, he had light brown hair, almost like a salted caramel color, with
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Horrible place, don’t recommend it to anyone. Every night I hear blow dryers going off, and razors buzzing like a bumble bee. The worse part is that “Trisha” the owner of the salon has 2 customers, that’s it. Apparently, she “practices” on a fake mannequin head with hair. Not to mention, she sings to herself, while doing fake hairstyles, while blasting music through the roof. So I usually don’t sleep much at night. Luckily, the night before the first day at school she was sick.
First day, first impressions, first time talking to new people since the incident. As I walk out of my apartment, and onto the bus, I see what feels like 100 beady eyes staring me down. I started to shrivel up inside, and just kept trudging through the bus walkway to the 6th seat. I sat down with a thump, and noticed everyone still staring at me. The thing about Lowell High School, was that everyone there already knew each other. Whether it was from Elementary school, or Middle school everyone seemed to already have their cliques, so that leaves me,

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