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Topics: Hiking, The Camp Pages: 4 (846 words) Published: October 17, 2014
Jeffrey Arbaugh
Mr. Mayerhofer
MYP English 2
2 October 2014
In March 2011, I took a few days of classes and received my hunting education certification. Looking back, the actual class time is just a blur of what not to do, but I was reminded of them when I took drivers education last December, with the what not to do teachings. I also remember being very nervous about the test, but having a great feeling when I learned I passed. That October, I remember being immensely excited to go on my first hunt. The night before my dad and I left, I had a parent teacher conference and I remember getting some strange looks in the parking lot because we had a trailer loaded with tents, four wheelers, chairs, and a bunch of other stuff because we were going to leave the first thing the next morning.

The next day, we set off and I don’t remember much of the drive. I just can’t remember anything other than it took a long time and I was really excited. The drive is about 4 hours normally, but towing a trailer, it takes a bit longer. We got to the site where we set up our base camp, set up, and spent the night alone, since no one else was going to be there until the next morning. The next morning, a few people showed up, including my dad’s friend, Chris Kotchwar and business partner Ty. We finished the set up of the camp and made plans for the next day, Saturday, my first opening day.

That night my dad, me, and Kotchwar packed up and hiked a few miles into the bush to make it easier to hunt the next day, not having to hike a few miles at 4 in the morning. We set up and went to bed early. I could hardly sleep. The whole night is kind of a blur, but the next morning around 5:00, my dad woke me up and we all set out into the darkness. Hiking up to the area where we thought the elk would be, we saw a huge, 8 point bull elk, but it was before shooting light and we had to let him run off. After this, my dad and I found a small meadow in and sat down to wait for...
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