Example Demo: How to Make Cheap Giveaways

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Introduction: good afternoon! Before I start to demo, I would like to ask how many of you here who are age 17 seventeen( specially for the girls)and gonna be debutant this year, and haven’t thought whats their party giveaway going to be? Okay today Im going to demo how to make an affordable souvenir using a face towel, and it will only take a couple minutes to make, okay lets start!

Materials needed:
Double sided tape
Cupcake wrapper
cupcake container
Popsicle stick
Paper shape circle(for lollipops)0r rectangle(for cupcakes) with written description

Instructions for the lollipop towel
1. First, lay your washcloth, print side down, on a flat surface. Fold the washcloth in half, and then, starting away from the folded end, fold it three times, you will have a small flat roll. Starting from one end, take the folded washcloth and roll it up. Pick it up and hold it tightly for the next step. 2. Take your rolled washcloth and put a tape on it, but if you don’t want to mess up the washcloth you can just insert the washcloth to the lollipop bag, but be careful to let it get undone. 3. Now, take your lollipop stick and insert it into the treat bag through the rubber band. The rubber band should be tight enough to hold the stick in place but not so tight you cannot insert the stick. Now take a small length of curling ribbon, tie it around the stick to cover the rubber band, curl the ribbon and you are good to go!

Instruction for the cupcake towel

• Assemble the cupcake by laying the hooded towel on a flat surface in a with the points in a diamond shape. • The hooded portion of the towel will at the top of the diamond shape and facing downward. • Start at the bottom point and roll the towel upwards, towards the hooded section in a jelly roll style. • Roll it all the way to the top and stop when you reach the hooded section. Then roll the towel from one side to the other. But u should elevate the first end...
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