Example Chapter 1 Thesis

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Automated Sales and Inventory System
For Joica Trading Hardware and Construction Supply

Department of Information Technology and Management
College of Sciences

In Partial fulfillment of the Requirement in
System Analysis and Design

Presented to:
Prof. Dimaano
Prof. Doctor
2nd Semester, S.Y. 2012-2013

Chapter I
Background of the Company1
Organizational Chart2
Locate of the Study3
Overview of the system4
Data flow Diagram of the existing system 5
Used Cased Diagram6
Ishikawa Diagram7
Data flow of the recommended diagram8

Chapter II
Feasibility Study
Operational Feasibility9
Technical Feasibility10
Economic Feasibility11
Schedule Feasibility12

Chapter III
System Objectives13
Scope and Limitations14
Used Case Diagram of the recommended system15
Statement of the Problem16
Chapter IV

Letter of Permission20
Questionare 21


Company Background

In January 31, 1991, Mr. Proto Bigcas started a small business, the Joica Trading Hardware And Construction Supply, followed by his daughter’s name Joice Bigcas, in Zapote – Paliparan Road Barangay Salawag, Dasmarinas Cavite. It is a retail hardware and construction supply with their family members that act as the employee of the business. Mrs. Nancy Bigcas, the wife, acts as the sub-owner and their son Joseph Bigcas and nephew Francis Bigcas, as their staff. From the beginning, the goal is to provide a hardware store that will supply the needs of the people around their subdivision. Ordinary construction supplies like nails, cement, paints, tube pipes and other construction materials is offered in their business. They maintain their consistency and it didn’t take long to establish the business’ reputation.

Organizational Chart

* Proto Bigcas is the business owner acting as the president of the business. He managed the business and all transaction in the business that he owns.

* Nancy Bigcas is the sub owner. She also manages all the transaction of the business. As a wife of Mr. Proto Bigcas she has the right to handle the business and all the transaction inside of it.

* Joseph Bigcas is the son of the owner of the business acting as the staff of the business. He has the power to handle the business but cannot handle all the transaction like handling the financial fund of the Joica Trading Hardware and construction supply.

* Fransis Bigcas like Mr. Joseph Bigcas he cannot handle all the transaction of the business. He can only do is to assist the customers. Locate of the Study

* Joica Hardware trade and construction supply is located in the Dasma 1 Molino-Paliparan Road Barangay Salawag Cavite. The location of the Business is persoanlly choice of the owner where in near to the highway and around in different Sudb. Like Dasma 1, Dasma 2, Dasma 3, Diamond Village and Avida Sudivision. Thats why it is easyly drop by the walk-in customer. Overview of the System

At present, the Joica Hardware and construction supply inventory system is virtually non existent as everything is done manually. For example they used logboos as their primary records, using receipts from the purchase of the products and relying mostly on manual estimation and common sense.

At the end of the day they are all tallied the sales. In a week they check the inventory, rewrite it in the logbook for final inventory, total the income and checked the product that they need to buy in the supplier fo new stocks.

Data Flow Diagram of the Existing System

To begin with, the customer must identify their concerns like ordering transaction then the staff will check the item in the items list, if the item is available they will process...
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