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Topics: Debt, Money, Income statement Pages: 8 (172 words) Published: January 19, 2015
Private Investigator Firm, Inc.


Private Investigator Firm, Inc. is a New York based
Company seeking $100,000 of debt financing to
develop its and launch business operations.
The Founder, Mr. John Doe, expects that the business
will receive a 10 year loan with a 9% interest rate due
on the outstanding principal balance. This correlates to
a monthly payment of $1,260 over 120 months.
The Company will generate large streams of revenue
from the ongoing private investigation of individuals
and businesses at the request of attorneys and other
private individuals.
With the very high divorce rate in this country, revenues
of private investigation firms have become somewhat
immune to deleterious economic changes as these
services are constantly in demand.

Expected P&L Statement

Expected Personnel

Expected Cash Flow Analysis

Expected Balance Sheet

Management Overview
In this section of the business plan, you should write a two to four paragraph biography about your work experience, your education, and your skill set. For each owner or key employee, you should provide a brief biography in this section.

Organizational Overview

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