examining the physical environment

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Educational psychology, Learning styles Pages: 5 (1890 words) Published: November 9, 2013
Examining the physical environment of a Maternity Ward
I’m working in a private setting hospital which has total of 60 beds. I’m posting to a multidiscipline word since I join in this hospital. There are 11 single bedded rooms, 2 3-bedded maternity rooms, 1 3-bedded pediatric room, 1 isolation room & 1 6-bedded room. There is a variety of bathing, showering and toilet facilities in every room. Two labour rooms also attached to this ward. There are two matrons & two sisters guiding the whole hospital. We are using 3 shift patterns at work, 5-6 nurses working in every shift; 3 staff nurses (include 1 midwife) and 3 Assistant nurse / community nurse & experienced nurse aids. Matron always allocates 1 supervisor among us (senior staff) as a supervisor to take care of the wards especially after office hour. Student nurses are not allocating to this ward but there is always new nurses joining us every year. I believe that this ward offer a wide range of learning opportunities for nurses. There is always an orientation from sister to the new nurses by power point presentation and tour to every department of the hospital. The ward covered any different kind of neither patient, medical nor surgical; adult nor paediatrics, we learn the skill of how to assess, nurse & educate those patients, assist doctor or peers in procedures. We develop good rapport with patient and their relatives. Some teaching or learning material like reference books or dictionary can be found at the nurses’ counter for us to read; information from the public or latest news also display on the notice board. To support activity for learning and effort to strengthen human resources and optimizing resources, it is very useful if there is a library or study room that provides books and journals from overseas in the hospital. Knowles (1990) emphasize that adult should be given proactive approach to learning which involve them in decision making. CME is holding on every first Saturday of the month which presented by Specialist Doctors. There are also public heath talks in the hospital almost once a month in our conference room which encourage staff & public to participate. There are some other resources which contribute to the development of competence for learner such as searching a lot of information through internet. Some other useful facilities for learner may not found in my workplace such as library, internet access & study room/discuss room. The standard of International Organization for standardization (ISO), one of the achievements is to maintain appropriate records of education, training, skill and experience. Therefore, Hospital should provide library or study room which contain books and journals from local or overseas to accomplish the above standard. The perspective that Maslow's Model brings is an essential element that should be considered as the health care arena is faced with reorganization, re-engineering, mergers, acquisitions, increases in learning demands, and the escalating role of technology in training. The needs are arranged in a hierarchy as shown in figure 1.0. Maslow created a visualization of his hypothesis in the shape of a pyramid which is divided into five levels. At the bottom of the pyramid is the physiological level which includes food, water and shelter, the most basic needs for human survival. The premise is that unless an individual's basic needs have been met, higher levels in the pyramid are of no relevance, as survival is the most basic human component. The Maslow model presents a means for understanding the needs of the individual and the worker; ever present and growing technology allows for new ways to meet these needs; and training makes the worker more secure, can enhance feelings of belongingness and self-esteem, and provides the opportunity for self-actualization. According to Quinn FM (2000, p.19), each class of need is stronger than the one above it in the hierarchy. Physiological needs are the most basic need for...
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