Examining the Article: Managers’ Business School Education and Military Service: Possible Links to Corporate Criminal Activity

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Criminal law Pages: 3 (1155 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Recently, the public take notice of corporate lawbreaking because of scandals on Wall Street in past years (Jaboub, 1995) and headline of prosecution to global organizations on the media, for instance, Exxon, Nippon, IBM and Samsung (Corporate Crime Reporter). These corporate criminal activities not only raised remarkable economic losses for stockholders (William et al., 2000) but also eliminated benefits of the public (Jaboub, 1995). Therefore, the researches of corporate crime are argued for many decades in different fields, such as criminology and sociology (McKendall and Wagner, 1997). What this essay attempts to illustrate is to briefly summarize the article stated by William et al. (2000) and examine the main argument within the article. The objectives of the article are to examine the relationship among particular elements, such as business education of management, military experience and corporate violation of law, and to seek possibility of sanction for future studies alone this direction. William et al. (2000) indicated main arguments of prior researches over past years and pointed out that the limitation and the reason of prior studies are likely insufficient or untried tests and experiences. The scope of the article is focused on influence caused by two specific characteristics which are decided base on requirements of recruiting managerial personnel in Wall Street Journal (1985, cited in William et al, 2000), namely MBA education and prior military experience. Moreover, they dealt with measures which are Citations, Firm size and Firm strategy, and several control variables (ROA, TMT tenure, TMT homogeneity) which may impact corporate misconduct base on the specific criteria. They chose 184 companies which are uninterrupted recorded in Fortune 500 during 1991-4 time period as the samples of test. Eventually statistics result is presented by using hierarchical regression analysis. As revealed in their test results, firm size is the factor which...

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