Examining Sources of Disagreement: Why Wal-Mart is Good vs. Down and Out in Discount America

Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Expo Writing 102
Examining Sources of Disagreement
Steve Maich vs Liza Featherstone

In “Why Wal-Mart is good” Steve Maich makes a number of statements supporting Walmart and its expansion, while Liza Featherstone disagrees with “Down and Out in Discount America” and supports her own statements citing Walmart’s various evils. The authors primary disagree not only over the various values that are key to the Walmart debates, but also of important factual information. One reason Walmart is currently involved in this struggle is a result of their lack of values, which according to Liza Featherstone, exploit poor Americans by directly targeting them for marketing low priced items and establishing a monopoly on the market. Backing up her statement are the words of one former Walmart employee, Betty Dukes. She says, “They are promoting themselves to low-income people. That’s who they lure.” Maich, on the other hand, argues that marketing directly towards lower class Americans is merely allowing them to enjoy a certain amount of savings when compared to normal retailers. He believes, with the backing of a number of testimonials from low income Americans, that Walmart is doing a good deed by offering very low priced items. He states that low, income workers have the ability to buy more items for every dollar and thus be better able to survive in world. Even in Liza’s article, there are the words of one disabled Walmart shopper that seem to reinforce Maich’s argument. When speaking for low-income and senior citizens, she said, “We need this Wal-Mart. There’s nothing downtown.” However, the contention over Wal-Marts values between Liza and Steve doesn’t stop at the companies’ targeted customers. Liza’s article is very critical of Wal-Mart’s treatment of its employees and community. She makes the point that Wal-Mart attempts to constantly get the employees that are most in touch with their customers and uses them to exploit their consumer base. Liza makes...
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