Examine the White Pages Website in Context of an Information System

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Examine the White Pages Website in context of an information system

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Information Processes and Technology
Year 11
Marist College Kogarah

The White Pages website’s purpose, like other telephone directories, is to allow the telephone number of a subscriber identified by name and address to be found. Subscriber names are generally listed in alphabetical order, together with their postal or street address and telephone number. The general purpose of the website is to allow people to easily find others through search features, such as quick search and reverse lookups. This report will examine the purpose and its importance of the White Pages website, the information processes involved and the people who use it and also the participants who’s contributed towards its development. It will then go on to outline the appropriate data needed to run the website and also the information technology involved in order to produce the website. The final part of the report will discuss the influences made by the environment during the website’s development and the social and ethical issues raised during the website’s development.

The Purpose
* Who is the white pages for?
The Purpose of the white pages is to provide information of peoples, name address, phone number. It also provides information on businesses, and governments organisations. It was originally designed to help people find quick information about others for travelling purposes. But today it is slowly becoming obsolete due to some ethical and social issues. * Why is it an important source of information?

It was an important source of information because it contained important details about people, which could be accessed to help friends or family members easily find their location or call them. The White pages provide information on suitable shops that people would want to attend to and for different types of problems. This includes the taxation companies, it companies

The Information Processes Involved
* How is the data collected?
Data is collected through a number of ways into the white pages. Each year it must print out white pages about businesses and residence. It can collect its information by people who have provided them with information about either residential or Business or The white pages reuses information from older contacts that have been given before. * How is data organized?

Data is organized into three categories:
1st Category is the residential. It contains addresses and phone numbers of people who have registered in the white page and provide their information to be easily found.

2nd Category is for Businesses, which use the website to mostly advertise to the public which can hopefully give them an edge over other businesses. But today businesses mostly use the internet to advertise and the TV or billboards. 3rd Category is the Government category which shows laws in the states, education, provides information on immigration, health and other social factors that can affect a person. But the information is very limited and contains nothing for most of the links clicked except education. The data is then sub organised into different section, e.g. for Businesses it provides different categories for IT, Taxation, Health, Banking, Beauty and etc. This is made to easily locate the business which the consumer is looking for. * How is the data analysed?

The data from the people of businesses or of residents is firstly stored on the website as data. It is then transformed according to what information it contains into 3 categories. Data is searched, selected and sorted. We as users of the website are able to Search and Select the data which is provided through the white pages. But before we are able to do this it must be entered and classified by the Analysts and People working in White Pages * How is the data stored?

Data can be stored in different...
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