Examine the Reasons for the Changes in Divorces Rates Since 1969?

Topics: Marriage, Divorce, Alimony Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Examine the reasons for the changes in divorces rates since 1969? There are many reasons for the changes in divorce rates since the 1969 such as the legal changes, the changing role and position of women, also how the expectations for marriage is different. We will also compare the difference between the past and the present in order to see why these changes have occurred. We know that in the past, divorce was very hard to get as it was only legal for the men to file a divorce. Also it was socially unacceptable, however during the years government has been passing laws in order to make divorce easier and cheaper. We know that in 1969, the Divorce Reform Act was introduced which made it much easier to get a divorce. Also due to the law that was passed out in 1984 which allowed couples to only stay in a marriage for one year before filing a divorce as we know that before the couples had to wait at least three years. Statistics have shown that due to these legal changes more women are filing divorces as 7/10 women have filed a divorce compared to men. Although, people are given more freedom to file a divorce, it doesn’t actually show why these changes have occurred. Another reason is that, people are becoming more secularised, which means religion is in decline; due to this more couples are getting a divorce as religion is seen as less important. We know that in the past, divorce was seen as a negative thing, as society at the time was more religious and also churches never allowed people to remarry. Sociologist Juliet Mitchell and Jack Goody found out in 1997 that there was a rapid decline in the stigma attached to divorce, as today divorce is seen as more acceptable and it’s beginning to “normalise” and reduce the stigma attached. Today we live in a more secular society where people don’t view divorce in a negative way as it is more common, even churches are becoming more acceptable now. Expectations of marriage are changing throughout the years. In the past,...
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