Examine The Marxist View Of The Family

Topics: Family, Sociology, Marxism Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: May 7, 2015
Examine the Marxist View of the Family (24 Marks)
Marxists believe that the nuclear family is dominant in Society. They see the family in the classic way and they all perform essential functions and do a lot of things for each other and stick to the classic roles of the man is the breadwinner where he goes out and makes all the money to supply for the family, the mother does the house work but still earns money to supply for the family and looks after the children etc, the traditional family sort of lifestyle. Marxists believe that the family all just go out to earn money and this money is supplied in to the family to keep them going with things like food and drink, utilities and other things like that, a quote from Zaretesky was that when the man returns home after work he is the ‘king of the castle’ basically saying that the main is in charge and makes the most money, again backing up the view that Marxists believe the family should be traditional and the man is the breadwinner with his partner caring and cooking for him etc but more gives the man satisfaction as some views believe that the mother runs the household as she does all of the work and runs the house because she does all of the work like cook the family tea and tidy up, general house chores to keep it intact. Another point the Marxists believe in is that the children accept capitalism and levels of hierarchy in society so there are lots of different roles and things like management so the parents are in charge and have the authority in the house hold and they teach them this is how life works and this is how the work place works, there is always going to be someone in authority and there is always going to be someone higher up than you and they have to accept this and follow the rules. This again links back to and backs up the original point that Marxists believe in a traditional family. According to Marxists families also believe in status inheritance. This theory was backed up in 1884 by Engel...
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